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Naturent Biological Drain Cleaners, 12 pcs

Item no. 3068

Naturent Biological Drain Cleaners are sticks that prevent odors and clogged pipes.

Naturent Biological Drain Cleaners can be used in all types of pipes and contain enzymes and microorganisms as active ingredients. Three different enzymes and microorganisms effectively break down fat, oil and all organic waste. The drain sticks can also be used to eliminate bad odors from the drain.

Naturent Biological Drain Cleaners are based on 100% natural active ingredients.

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Drop a Naturent Biological drain stick into the drain. The drain sticks contain enough enzymes and microorganisms for one month. After that, drop a new drain stick into the drain. There is enough for a year in one package.

NOTE! The use of chlorine, disinfectants, and strong chemicals will disrupt the biological processes.