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Plumbo Powder Drain Opener, 600 g

Item no. 3081

Plumbo drain openers have existed for more than 100 years in Norway and Plumbo Powder Drain Opener is the best-selling on the market. Now it is also available in Denmark!

Plumbo Powder is a powerful drain opener that removes even the most stubborn plugs in drains.

Plumbo Powder Drain Opener dissolves plugs of grease, food residues, hair, soap, etc. Plumbo Powder is especially effective in drains from kitchen sinks and utility rooms, as well as for stubborn plugs in other drains. It can also be used to thaw frozen drainpipes.

The product does not damage porcelain, soldering, enamel, pipes and septic tanks. It can be used in all approved plastic drains such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and PVC.

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Clogged or partially clogged drains:
1. Open a window and ensure ventilation in the room. Apply protective gear.
2. Pour 2-3 dl of hot water into the drain, then 1 dl of Plumbo Powder (about 1/5 of the container).
3. Leave the room while the product works.
4. Fetch hot water from another room. Pour 1 liter of hot water into the drain.
5. Leave the room and let Plumbo work for about 10 minutes.
5. Then pour plenty of hot, preferably boiling, water into the drain – preferably several liters. Repeat the process if needed.

IMPORTANT! Plumbo Powder should only be used in approved plastic and drain pipes. It may cause damage to anodized objects, artificial fiber/composite sinks, aluminum, finer ceramics, crystal, etc.

Do not use in dishwashers, washing machines, toilets or pipes connected to these. Avoid sunlight.

When used in artificial fiber sinks, all powder should be poured down the drain to avoid discoloration of the sink. Do not pour water into the bottle! Ensure good ventilation and avoid inhaling gases when Plumbo comes into contact with water. Avoid open flames and smoking! Do not touch the tap and avoid static electricity.