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Naturent Biological Drain Cleaner, 1000 ml

Item no. 3067

Naturent Biological Drain Cleaner consists of various enzymes and microorganisms that break down and dissolve fat, soap, food residues, toothpaste and other organic waste.

Naturent Biological Drain Cleaner also breaks down excrements, toilet paper, and cellulose and effectively eliminating bad odors. The drain cleaner can be used in all types of pipes, including chrome. Drain cleaners containing enzymes and microorganisms require longer time to work than traditional drain openers.

Naturent Biological Drain Cleaner effectively cleans drains from kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs and showers. Unlike traditional drain openers, it can also be used in toilets, as well as toilets in campers, motorhomes and in all types of septic tanks.

The product consists of enzymes and microorganisms as active ingredients, making it 100% biodegradable. Naturent Biological Drain Cleaner is most effective when used preventatively.

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For preventive maintenance: Pour a minimum of 1-2 dl Naturent Biological Drain Cleaner into the drain at least once a month, preferably more frequently if needed. Let the product work for a minimum of 8 hours. The longer Naturent is allowed to work, the better the effect.

For bad odors: Pour 1-2 dl into the smelly drain. Let the product work for as long as possible, at least overnight.

For clogged drains: Pour a minimum of 3-5 dl Naturent into the clogged drain and let it work for as long as possible, at least overnight. Pour hot water into the drain and repeat the treatment 1-2 times depending on the need.