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Plumbo Hair Dissolver, 1000 ml

Item no. 3166

Plumbo Hair Dissolver for drains is a specialized product designed to dissolve plugs of hair, pet hair, grease and soap residue in drains. Plumbo Hair Dissolver dissolves hair plugs faster and more effectively than other drain cleaners.

Plumbo Hair Dissolver is ideal for use in drains from showers, bathtubs and bathroom sinks. The hair dissolver can be used in all approved drain pipes made of plastic, PVC, copper etc. The product can also be used in toilets.

Plumbo Hair Dissolver does not damage porcelain, enamel, septic tanks or stainless steel.

The hair dissolver also eliminates bad odors.

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Press down and twist the child-safe cap. Avoid spillage. If the pipe is clogged and there is water in it, remove as much water as possible.

1. Pour approximately 1/5 (20%) of the bottle into the drain.
2. Let it work for at least 60 minutes, preferably longer.
3. Rinse thoroughly with boiling/hot water. Repeat if necessary.

In difficult cases, the product can be left overnight before rinsing.

For preventive use to avoid clogged drains: Add approximately 15% of the bottle regularly.

Plumbo Heavy Gel Drain Opener is recommended for loosening the most common plugs. Plumbo Hair Dissolver is more effective where there is a lot of hair in the drain.