Sterling Polish Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy

The strategy for Sterling Polish’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms the framework for how we should act as a company, to maintain the credibility, trust and responsibility that we have built since 1941. We want to stand strong in environmental considerations and sustainability in general, and the CSR strategy will therefore be our starting point for being "best-in-class" in the industry. At Sterling Polish Company, we cherish our reputation because we wish to be a reliable, credible and trustworthy company to our partners, suppliers, customers and others who works with us.


At Sterling Polish Company quality is key. Quality is always our starting point when producing, distributing and selling our products.

We have specialists in our company, who continuously measure, quality check and optimize our products. In this way we make sure that we always meet our customers’ needs, requirements and expectations.


At Sterling Polish, environmental considerations are crucial and new initiatives are launched continuously. We work on improving our environment and to reduce the company’s environmental impacts, within our financial and technical capabilities.

Sterling Polish has been collecting wastewater for many years, even though only larger companies are obligated to do so. But since we are capable of doing this, we have not discharged wastewater into public sewers for the last 20 years. It is collected and recycled or sent to destruction. Thus, we do not burden our society with wastewater.

Sterling Polish also focuses on reducing energy consumption by, among other things, installing sensors in the company. In this way the light is only turned on when necessary.


We produce with least possible waste and recycle a large part of our cleaning water.


For the past few years, Sterling Polish has been in a process where we have replaced our packaging. This means that our bottles are now free of added dyes or are produced from recyclable plastic. This in order to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Work Environment

At Sterling Polish, we do a lot to ensure a good and well-functioning work environment. We promote healthy offers in the workplace, just as we give the individual employee the opportunity for varied work positions, in order to reduce the risk of injuries.
Sterling Polish also offers all employees a comprehensive health insurance.
Safety at Sterling Polish is a priority and we naturally follow all guidelines from the Danish Working Environment Authority and have an ongoing dialogue with a consulting company to advise us on how we best secure our employees.
We improve and optimize the working conditions for our employees internally by, among other things, implementing the statutory APV, which focuses on the individual employee’s wellbeing.  
Our employees will continuously be represented by multiple genders, nationalities and embrace different ages, to underline that we welcome everyone at Sterling Polish.

Visit from the Danish Working Environment Authority April 2022

In April 2022, Sterling Polish had a visit from the Danish Working Environment Authority, which had the following to say about the company’s work environment:
“During the visit, we did not find any violation of the working environment legislation.”
Sterling Polish received a green smiley as well, which is valid for the next 3 years. The green smiley can be found on the Danish Working Environment Authority’s website here. Read more about the Danish Working Environment Authority’s green smiley here.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility combined with financial results is very much in focus for Sterling Polish.

We work on a common understanding with our suppliers that we do not tolerate the use of child labor, forced labor, that we respect human rights, do not discriminate, prioritize sustainable management of the nature etc.

In addition, we are an active and committed company in the local community, and in the Danish society in general. Sterling Polish has, among other things, a collaboration with a local Job, Activity and Competence Center, which contains a wide range of offers, activities and employment for people with special needs.

Furthermore, Sterling Polish have been supporting the local football club, Lyngby Boldklub, for years in their effort for helping young people.

Areas of focus

During the next couple of years, CSR initiatives at Sterling Polish will, among other things, involve even more focus on environmental improvements, and we will follow developments in the area closely. More recycled plastic, fewer dyes, more ecolabels and more natural raw materials and ingredients without compromising the quality of our products will be in focus.

At Sterling, we will also focus more on local production in our own factory, which will help reducing the environmental impact. And in doing so, we recycle more of our cleaning water. Furthermore, we will replace our fans with newer and more energy-friendly ones.

At Sterling Polish we are constantly evolving, and in 2022 we will focus on building an even stronger CSR profile in the company.