You can purchase Sterling Polish Company’s products in most grocery stores – from the small corner store and the large supermarket chains. As our assortment is quite large, not everyone has the entire assortment available. If you cannot find the product you need, you are welcome to write to us via the contact form and we will give you information on the nearest distributor.

I cannot find your products where I normally shop, what do I do?

If your local grocery store does not have one or more of our products available, in some cases you can speak with the store manager or buyer for the department, and ask them to order the product for you. This can be done especially if the store already carries many of our products as they order items from us often. If the store cannot be persuaded to order the product, there is no need to worry because your enquiry will be included in considerations the next time the stores need to decide on their product range. If you cannot find the product you need in any of your local stores, you are welcome to write to us via the contact form and then we will provide you with information on the nearest distributor.

We deliver products to the following online websites:


Contact us via the blog or contact form.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Even if you are willing to order an entire parcel (typically six or ten units) and pay for freight and handling, this is not possible. We cannot create private individuals in our invoicing system and consequently we cannot send you a bill. We also utilise an external warehouse that does not send smaller postage packages.

In regard to product descriptions, under the tab “Category” you will find detailed user instructions for the application of the product as well as various tips. If you cannot find the answer you need, please feel free to reach out via the contact form and we will answer any questions you may have.

You will find our safety data sheets under the tab “Data sheets”. All data sheets are available here in item number order. You can also find the data sheets by finding the product in the product overview where all files relating to the product are gathered. If, unexpectedly, you cannot find the required data sheet, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form.

You can find the press releases by looking under the various product details. All the files related to the individual product will be uploaded here. Unfortunately, we have not written press releases for all products, but more are regularly added. If you have questions relating to the press, we would like to hear from you via our contact form.

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