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Sterling Impregnation Spray

Sterling Impregnation Spray makes sure that textiles and Goretex becomes water-repellent, and less susceptible to dirt and grime. Sterling Impregnation Spray is an effective impregnation agent for, for example, jackets, parasols, tents, garden cushions etc.

The impregnation spray can also be used to impregnate shoes and boots made of all materials, including leather and suede. Some types of leather will be slightly darker when impregnated, so it is recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous place before use.

Sterling Impregnation Spray is colorless and impregnates without making the fabric stiff. The impregnation spray is PFAS and silicone free.

1. Clean the item and makes sure that it is dry.
2. Shake the can thoroughly before use.
3. Spray Sterling Impregnation Spray at a distance of 25–30 cm in an even thin layer all over.
4. Allow the impregnated item to dry.

Do not fold tents, parasols etc. until they are completely dry.
ATTENTION! Shake the can/box thoroughly before use.