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Sterling Glycerin, 250 ml
Sterling Glycerin, 250 ml

Sterling Glycerin, 250 ml


A product everyone should have in the household is glycerin. Some of the many purposess are listed below.





Stain removal:
The tannic acid from old stains from coffee, tea and red wine can be dissolved by rubbing the stain thoroughly in glycerin and let it work for approx. 12 hours. Wash with water and soap, or put the clothes directly in the washing machine.

Whip 1 tbsp. glycerin with 1 l of boiled cooled water. Add 1/2 dl dishwasher liquid and stir into the mixture. The mixture is more effective if left for 24 hours before use.
Nail polish remover:
Mix 1 dl acetone, 0.01 dl glycerin and 1 dl isopropyl alcohol.

Flower drying:
Let the flowers or branches soak for a few days in a vase with a mixture of equal parts water and glycerin.

Effective dust cloth:
To make an antistatic cloth that absorbs dust better than a normal cloth, soak it in 1-2 l of water with 1 tbsp glycerin. Hang the cloth to