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Sterling Ironing Starch Spray, 300 ml


Sterling Ironing Starch Spray is an effective ironing starch with natural starch that stays in clothes and linen longer. The spray also provides a dirt-repellent surface to the fabric. Sterling Ironing Starch keeps the clothes freshly ironed and crisp.

The Sterling Ironing Starch Spray is perfect for festive occasions, where outfits and table settings are in focus. The family christening dress will look perfect, as will the flip collar on the tuxedo shirt, and napkins will stay in shape when they are transformed in to beautiful figures.



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1. Shake the bottle thoroughly.

2. The can should be held almost vertically when spraying from a distance of approx. 20 cm. Let the fabric rest for a moment before ironing.

3. The iron should be between wool and silk. There is a risk of coatings and discoloration of the starch if the iron is too warm.

4. If extra stiffness is desired, spray the fabric on both sides in the first treatment or repeat treatment.