Sneaker Cleaning

It is sneakers season all year round. After a winter of snow and rain most sneakers needs a deep clean before the spring and summer season. By maintaining sneakers, they do not only look prettier they will last longer as well.

How to Clean White Sneakers

White sneakers will obviously look more dirty from mud, rain, snow etc. than sneakers in other colors. However, sneakers in all colors will need a thorough cleaning. Silver Cleaning Foam is a cleaning foam for all colors of sneakers and shoes in general. The cleaning foam cleans shoes in depth, and is a really good product to begin with when cleaning sneakers. The cleaning foam works for shoes made of leather, patent leather, suede, nubuck, textile, velour and synthetic fabric.

The cleaning foam refreshes faded suede, and keeps the leather soft and supple. It also leaves the shoes shiny.

If your sneakers are white, we also recommend using our Silver Shoe Whitener, which is a white shoe polish that instantly cleans, maintains and protects the shoes. The shoes becomes as new when using Silver Shoe Whitener. The product also covers wear and scratches. A product you cannot live without if you want white sneakers.

Sneakers Cleaning set

In Silver Cleaning Foam you get everything you need to clean your sneakers. The set consists of an effective cleaning foam and a two-sided sponge for removing dirt and access foam. 

If it is a sneaker cleaning kit you are looking for, Silvers Cleaning Foam Kit is the set to buy.

Sneakers Care

If you care for your sneakers they will last longer. And cleaning them is a good place to begin.

Silver Cleaning Foam from Sterling not only cleans but refreshes the color as well. The cleaning foam cleans the shoes in depth, leaving leather soft and supple and the shoes shiny.

Silver Gel Cleaner prevents the shoes from fading, while the product cleans sneakers in depth.

How to remove odor and smells from sneakers

When it comes to cleaning and caring for your sneakers, it is obvious to do something about the odors that can occur in sneakers and other shoes when they are used a lot. Silver Sneaker Deodorizer is a great shoe deodorant that works for sneakers and other shoes. The shoe deodorant easily and quickly removes bad smells and has an antibacterial effect as well.

Spray Sneakers Deodorizer in the shoes in the evening and leave them overnight so they are ready to jump in in the morning.

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