Silverware polish

Silverware Polish with Sterling Polish Company A/S

Over the last couple of years, it has become more and more modern to dig out the old heirlooms and
decorate the dining table with a mix of stylish porcelain and family silverware.

Silverware can be something very special, because it adds a cozy feel, a good amount of personality and something unique patina around a table. However, when you start using your silverware, be aware of the maintenance it requires, to keep it beautiful every time you decorate your dining table.

As with many other metal objects, including brass, stainless steel and copper, you have to clean your
silverware of stains and the ugly dark surface that is formed over time. Silver is attacked by the oxygen that surrounds us, forming a dark surface and therefore it is important to do silverware polish. Fortunately, when silver turns black and tarnished, it can easily be cleaned and polished. We provide you with easy methods for silwerware polish that should be done regularly use to keep your silverware clean.

Silver Dip or Silver Cleaner for silverware polish?

For lighter tarnished silverware, one may use Sterling Silver Silver’s dip that is particularly useful for silver cutlery and other minor silver objects. In addition to that, Sterling’s Bistro Silver Cleaner Paste, a product that is water-based and 95% biodegradable, makes it very easy to polish your cutlery and clean your dishes without getting black fingers. Bistro is the simple and effective solution for silver cleaning. All you need to do is to rinse the silverware in water, apply the paste, rub the tarnished away, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Sterling Silver Polishing Cloth or Sterling Silver Polishing Mitten can be used for polishing lightly tarnished silverware. They are ideal for cleaning jewelry and other metal objects, as they are impregnated with one of the finest and most gentle polishes.

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Silveware Polish with Baking Soda and Salt

Another method of polishing silverware is using soda (sodium hydrogencarbonate), salt and vinegar. Mix a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of soda in a bowl and gently add a half cup vinegar. Then you fill the bowl with boiling water and put your silver items in for 30 seconds to a minute.
If your items are lightly tarnished, you can also simply use aluminum foil in the bottom of a bowl, add a teaspoon of salt and boiling water.

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How to prevent it

Silverware tarnishes or oxidizes is a natural chemical reaction that is hard to avoid. However, you can treat your silverware in special ways that make the process slower, thus avoiding the need do silverware polish or clean your silver items as often:

  • Use your silverware often. The more you use it, the less cleansing is needed.
  • Store your silverware as oxygen-free as possible when not in use. Wrap it into cloths, bags or boxes,
    preventing the oxygen from coming into contact with your objects.