Clogged drain? Try PLUMBO

We are excited to introduce a new brand at Sterling and in Denmark – PLUMBO.

Plumbo is a Norwegian brand that has been producing drain openers for more than 100 years. Plumbo is the best-selling brand in Norway for drain cleaning, and we are proud to finally introduce Denmark to these effective and gentle products.

Plumbo Drain Openers

Plumbo’s products are known not only for their reliability but also for their outstanding effectiveness. From drain cleaners to special preventive products, Plumbo offers products that meet the needs of consumers looking for reliable and effective ways to clean their drains.

With Plumbo’s entry into the Danish market, a new world of possibilities for effective and reliable drain cleaning opens up. For more than 100 years, Plumbo has opened clogged drains and pipes in houses. Plumbo specializes in specifically removing plugs in blocked pipes and has developed extremely effective products that can remove any plug without damaging the pipes.

Is using drain cleaner good?

Plumbo has developed products with the aim of being as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, Plumbo Heavy Gel Drain Opener is biodegradable. Plumbo has also developed a series of products that have enzymes and microorganisms as active ingredients under the Naturent brand. Naturent can also be purchased from us.

Plumbo Powder Drain Opener

Plumbo Powder Drain Opener is the original Norwegian drain opener. It is well-documented and thoroughly tested over the years. It is a powerful drain opener that is incredibly effective, even for the most stubborn blockages. Plumbo Powder is especially good for drains in the kitchen and utility room, as well as challenging plugs in other drains. The powder dissolves blockages of food residues, organic waste, hair and grease. This product is also biodegradable and does not damage porcelain, soldering, enamel, pipes, or septic tanks. The powder can also be used to thaw frozen pipes.

Plumbo Heavy Gel Drain Opener

Plumbo Heavy Gel Drain Opener is stronger and works faster and more efficiently than other liquid drain openers. Heavy Gel is a powerful, heavy, and thick liquid drain opener. Its high density and gel consistency allow it to sink through the water and effectively dissolve blockages of grease, food residues, fat, hair, makeup, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.

The unique blend of potassium hydroxide, chlorine and cleaning agents makes it a powerful drain opener. Particularly suitable for bathroom drains, as well as pipes and drains with little slope. Plumbo Heavy Gel can also be used for the toilet and to eliminate bad odors. It can be used in all types of pipes and is biodegradable.

With a sharp focus on efficiency and environmental friendliness, it’s not surprising that Plumbo has gained recognition in Norway and is now ready to impress Danish consumers with their effective drainage products.