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Sterling Soda


Soda Crystal is a good old-fashioned versatile product for all cleaning needs. Sterling Soda is free of bleach, enzymes and phosphates. Cleaning problems in today’s households can easily be solved with Sterling Soda.

Some of crystsal soda’s many uses:
• Cleaning and deodorizing the washing machine.
• Water Softening to reduce appearance of limestone.
• Stain removal.
• Grease dissolving.
• Removing burnt on residue in pots and pans.
• Helping to keep sinks and drains fresh and blockage free.
• Cleaning toilets more gentle than ordinary cleaners.

1 tabelspoon for 0,5 liter water.

0,5 dl for 0,5 liter water.

1 dl for 0,5 liter water.

0,5 dl soda = 34 g = 3 tabelspoons.





Water softening: By doing this, tthe amount of detergent can be reduced when washing. It improves the washing machine’s efficiency and reduces the risk of damage. Add 0.5-1 dl crystal soda in each wash.

Greasy workwear: Crystal Soda is famous for its ability to dissolve fat. Greasy garments and fabrics are soaked overnight in a strong solution before it is washed normally.

New clothes and blankets: New clothes and blankets will become more soft and fluffy when soaked in a mild solution before wash. Note: Always test fabric colour before using soda.

Stains: Stubborn stains on cotton or linen fabric are removed by soaking the fabric in a strong solution of crystal soda. This is effective on stains from blood, ink, tea and coffee, wine and food and grass. Large stains can be treated by pouring dry crystals directly onto the stain, followed by rinsing in clean water. Note: Always test fabric colour before using soda.

Delicate clothes: For handwashing delicate fabrics, use a warm, mild soda solution. Note: Always test fabric color before using soda. Wool and silk does not tolerate crystal soda.

White clothes: White cottons will be more clean if soaked in a soda water mix for a few hours before wash.

Note! Never use soda on aluminum as the metal will be damaged.