Wood treatment

Wood treatment – Read Bo Junker’s story with Sterling Teak Oil

Welcome to the Sterling Polish Company blog. In this and the hopefully many following posts you will be able to read about our products and about how to use them in the best possible way and about how to use them for something other than what was originally intended.

This very first post is about wood treatment and actually comes from Bo Junker, who runs bojunker DESIGNSTUDIO on a daily basis and has been so lucky to get his hands on a delicious Danish design classic that needed a loving hand and a good round of wood treatment.

If you would like to see other of Bo’s projects, then his Instagram or website is highly recommended:  https://www.instagram.com/bojunkerdesignstudio/

In addition to knuckle grease, Bo has used  Sterling Teak Oil  to get the beautiful chair back to its former splendor with his wood treatment. Sterling Teak Oil cleanses the surface, highlights the veins of the wood and nourishes the teak wood. Teak wood must be regularly oiled, otherwise the wood dries out and has a dull surface. The oil is applied during the wood treatment in a thin layer with a clean, lint-free cloth, possibly several times as Bo has done. Once the oil has been sucked into the wood, wipe with a dry cloth.

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