The world’s first polishing cream with the EU’s environmental flower

More and more Danes today choose the right environment when they shop in the local supermarket. In the past, attention has been reserved for food and personal care products, but in line with the increased awareness, attention has also shifted to other categories. This means that you can now also freshen up your silverware with a clear conscience when we at Sterling Polish, as the first in the world, present an eco-labeled polishing cream, namely Bistro Silver Cleansing Cream with the recognized eco-label, the EU Flower.

Since we developed Bistro Sølvrensecreme in 1970, there has been a great demand for environmentally friendly products, and therefore it has also been a natural way for us to go, as we want to meet our customers’ needs. EU-Blomsten is therefore documentation that Bistro Sølvrensecreme takes the environment into account during production and subsequent use.

Three simple steps

With a chemical composition of biodegradable materials, Bistro Sølvrensecreme with its water-based ingredients acts as a soap that can be used to wash dishes, vases and other silverware, so that it again appears neat and clean. The product is therefore incredibly easy to work with and quite harmless.

We have put together an easy and simple guide on how to use Bistro Silver Cleansing Cream, so you can always freshen up your silverware and give it new life. At Sterling Polish, we call it a wash-rinse-dry process.

  1. Wash
    Start by washing your silverware with lukewarm water so that the surfaces get wet and can accept Bistro Silver Cleansing Cream. Then you apply the washing cream and rub the tarnished away, just as you know it from a normal dishwashing.
  2. Rinse
    Once the silverware is well lubricated in Bistro Silver Cleansing Cream and you have washed and rubbed the surfaces as you wish, rinse thoroughly with water until the silverware is completely clean and free of residue from the washing cream.
  3. Dry
    When the silverware has been washed thoroughly for Bistro Silver Cleansing Cream, simply dry your silverware as in normal washing. We recommend using a clean and dry tea towel.

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Bistro Sølvrensecreme has been a regular part of Sterling Polish’s production for more than 20 years. The product will be available throughout the Nordic region and in other selected European countries. You can read more about the product  here.