Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes to be relaunched in sustainable material

From February 2021, Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes will be relaunched in the Danish grocery trade in a new transparent, recyclable plastic bottle. Sterling Polish is actively working to lift the wide range of products in the field of chemical technical cleaning to a sustainable level, where the environmental impact is greatly reduced without compromising on quality. It is an effort that also involves the replacement of packaging, and here Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes is the latest major initiative.

In addition to the environmental lift of the packaging, a new study has concluded the product’s minimal content of problematic substances for the environment. According to a product survey by Forbrugerrådet Tænk, the product is ideally suited for environmentally friendly floor washing, as the product does not contain perfume, substances that are suspected of being endocrine disruptors or of damaging fertility.

All of these factors are the reason why Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes are adorned with official certification from the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association. Cleaning of clothes, furniture and floor can thus be done without fear of allergic reactions.

Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes has been one of our most popular products among consumers for many years. This has largely been due to the product’s many different uses, as the liquid soap shavings can act as a gentle detergent for wool, silk leather and synthetic materials as well as effective cleaning of surfaces of wood, marble, granite, etc. Precisely the many applications have made Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes one of the most universal cleaning products on the market.

The product consists exclusively of pure soap and is not added with perfume or fragrance-promoting chemicals. The liquid soap flakes also contain no animal ingredients, which helps to ensure a completely vegetable cleaning.