Sterling Descaler Spray

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Our Limescale Spray is a cleaning agent that has a highly active lime solution, it removes the lime and gives shine. Generally, you use a limescale remover to remove stains from stainless steel, sinks, shower enclosures, chrome-plated fixtures, bathtubs, etc.

When you have been in the shower, you should always remove water from tiles or the like to ensure that the sanitation dries properly – Use a scraper if necessary. If the lime has settled, you can always use Sterling Lime Solver Spray to remove the lime by spraying it directly on the wet surface.

The spray is liquid and to protect against accidents, the product is equipped with a child lock as a lock. It is easy to secure and secure, but you should still keep cleaners out of the reach of children.

Instructions for use for Sterling Limescale Spray

  1. Clean the surface – Rinse it with water
  2. Spray an even layer of Sterling Descaler Spray on
  3. Wait a few minutes
  4. Complete the treatment by rinsing thoroughly with cold water and wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

Descaler Spray for summer tires?

Sterling also has another piece of good advice on how to use a limescale spray.
When you’ve not had your summer wheels cleaned yet, just try Sterling’s secret method.

Course of action

  1. First, rinse the wheel with running water.
  2. Then spray Sterling limescale spray on the aluminum rim.
  3. Rub lightly in the limescale remover with a wheel brush.
  4. Then wash the rim with auto shampoo.
  5. IMPORTANT rinse with running water so that the descaler is completely gone.
  6. Vupti. Completely clean rims without the use of knuckle grease.

Then enjoy how beautiful the rims will also be – on the back.

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NOTE!  Do NOT use on enamel, marble and aluminum. In case of doubt, the product is first tested in an invisible place.

Sterling always advises people to read our data sheet for the product you are using. This can prevent any misunderstandings and ensure that you are not harmed.

You can read our data sheet on Sterling Limescale Spray here