Stain Removal – Tips for Easy and Effective Stain Removal

Old grease stains on clothes, tomato sauce on the tablecloth or fruit juice stains no longer means that the fabric must be thrown away. With products from Sterling, almost any stain can be removed from clothes, tablecloths, etc. However, it is important that you know the fabric you spilled on and you react quickly when spilled.

Liquid Soap Flakes for gentle washing

Liquid soap flakes are very gentle to use in the washing machine, for example when washing softshell materials, breathable materials or sportswear.

Add Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes in the dispenser or wash ball and run the washing program as normal.

Brown Cleaning Soap effectively removes stains

Brown Cleaning Soap is really effective for stain removal due to its high PH-value. Brown Cleaning Soap has since the dawn of time been used to clean ovens. It can be used to remove paint and algae as well. As a stain remover on clothes a thick layers is smeared on the stain and the clothes is folded or put in a plastic bag overnight. The next day, wash the clothes as usual. If the stain is not completely gone, repeat the treatment.

Citric Acid for Juice Stains

Citric acid is for many associated with descaling household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines etc.

However, citric acid can also remove some types of fruit juice stains. Dissolve 1 part Sterling Citric Acid in 9 parts of water and rub the stain with the solution. Always try a “not visible” place first. On dry stains, you may first soak the stain with Sterling Glycerin. Wash the fabric after the treatment.

Soda as a stain remover

Soda can be used for many purposes, and is a very effective cleaning agent that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including stain removal.

For difficult stains on cotton or canvas fabric, the clothes should soak in a strong solution of Sterling Soda. The solution can remove stains from blood, ink, tea and coffee. Always test solution in a non-visible place to test how the colour of the fabric reacts to the solution

Red wine and food stains can be treated with a strong crystal soda solution as well. Large stains can be treated by putting soda crystals directly on the stain, followed by rinsing in clean water. Also use crystal soda for ink and grass stains.

White linen will become more clean if it is soaked in water mixed with soda a few hours before washing. Note that soda does not contain bleach and that wool and silk do not tolerate water softened with crystal soda.

Glycerin is good for older stains

Glycerin works very well with dry and older stains. Sterling Glycerin can dissolve the stain in order for a stain removal product can remove the stain completely.

In the case of tannic acid from dried stains of coffee, tea, red wine, these can be dissolved by rubbing the stain thoroughly with glycerin and letting it work for approx. 12 hours. Then wash with soap and water or put the clothes directly in the washing machine.