SODA – How to use soda?

Previously, you could not find a home that did not have soda in the household. Soda is not only effective, it is a versatile product for all cleaning needs, making it an indispensable product.

What is soda?

Soda (crystal soda) or sodium carbonate as it is also called, is a colourless or white mineral that has been used since ancient times for, among other things, the manufacture of soap, paper and glass.

Soda softens water. In areas with hard water, such as the water in Denmark, crystal soda can be used to reduce the presence of limestone in the water. Read below why that is an advantage.

What is soda used for in our everyday life?

As mentioned, soda is a product that can be used for many different purposes, but is especially popular for cleaning tiles, toilets and sinks. In addition, many people use it when they do their laundry, where a softening of the water equals less use of detergent, that the efficiency of the machine increases and the risk of damage to the washing machine is reduced. 

Soda for laundry and dishwashing

Soda has a fat-dissolving effect, and is therefore effective on greasy clothes and textiles, which can be soaked overnight with a strong mixture of soda. Likewise, difficult stains on cotton and canvas fabric can be removed with crystal soda when soaked in a mixture of water and soda. Soda can remove stains from blood, ink, tea and coffee. Soda also works very well on wine stains and food stains, where the same procedure can be used.

If you soak white linen and cotton for a few hours before wash, you will get a more white result. 

When it comes to dishwashing, a couple of spoonful’s of soda can be added to the dishwashing water, in order to be able to effectively remove grease stains on, for example, glass.

Soda for cleaning

Soda is also effective for cleaning as it loosens up dirt and grime. It is especially used for cleaning thermos, bottles and vases. Simply pour hot water and 1 tbsp. soda in it. Leave it in until the dirt is resolved. 

Ad soda in the water when cleaning refrigerators, tiles and toilets for a more clean result. 

What is the difference between soda and caustic soda?

Many are unaware of the difference between soda and caustic soda, however, the difference is huge and the consequences can be fatal if you use the wrong product

Soda is a mineral, a raw material that is part of the production of, among other things, glass, soap and dishwashing liquid. Soda can be used in the home for everyday purposes, as described above.

Caustic soda on the other hand, is a base that is highly corrosive and is typically used to clean drains or to deacidify furniture. However, for this both mask and gloves must be used, as it is extremely toxic.

Sterling Soda

Sterling Soda is crystal soda, soda that is crystallized and works effectively for laundry, cleaning and overall softening of water. Sterling soda has been on the market since 1970, and equals quality, efficiency and reliability.

Sterling soda is also free of bleach, enzymes and phosphates.

Therefore, there are many reasons to have soda at home, and in particular a Sterling Soda. You can find an overview of our online retailers of Sterling soda here:

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