Relaunching of Sterling Soda – the good old one

We are thrilled to reveal that we are relaunching the good old and reliable soda from Sterling. However, the packaging has changed slightly as we wanted to incorporate a child-proof lid for safety reasons.

Cleaning with Soda

Soda has been a universal cleaning agent since time immemorial, and it is not without reason that it remains a must-have cleaning product in many homes.

In general, soda is extremely effective because it helps soften the very hard, and therefore calcareous, water we have in Denmark. When cleaning with water softened with soda, you get a shinier and cleaner result. Soda is particularly effective for cleaning tiles, refrigerators, toilets and sinks. Stubborn food residues on pots and pans can also be effectively cleaned with soda.

Soda can also be used for laundry, dishwashing and cleaning drains. Learn more about the various uses under the product section on the website.

Soda – the new old

The new old soda will be hitting supermarkets during spring of 2024 and can be recognized, among other things, by the fact that we have reused some of the recognizable design from the original soda.