How to Clean the Terrace, Barbeque and Garden Furniture – Just in Time for Summer

Spring is finally here and that means that it is time to wash winter away from the outdoor areas. The terrace, garden furniture’s and barbecue most likely need a thorough cleaning before it is ready for the long summer nights.

How to Clean Garden Terraces effectively

During winter, dirt and grime accumulates on the terrace and this is one of the things we need to clean when preparing for summer. Furthermore, algae can settle on wood and tile terraces as well, and must be removed as it ruins the wood and makes the terrace slippery – and is not pretty to look at.

Sterling Brown Cleaning Soap Gel is very effective for removing algae on woodwork, garden tiles, roofs and masonry and can be used to remove aphids as well. So, all in all a really good product for several purposes that every homeowner should own.

Make a mixture of water and brown cleaning soap when removing algae from the terrace, pour the mixture on an area, scrub with a broom or brush until algae and other dirt loosens and let it work. After 20 minutes, scrub the terrace to remove the algae and wash the terrace free from soap and dirt.

How to clean the Garden Furnitures, Cushions and other Textiles

Garden furniture, cushions and garden parasols needs a thorough cleaning when preparing for summer as well.

Sterling Textile Cleaner removes stains from textiles such as garden cushions, hammocks and garden parasols. And then these are ready for another summer season.

However, the changing weather during summer means that cushions, parasols and hammocks need a coat of Sterling Textile Impregnation that will make sure the textiles are more resistant to changing weather.

The garden furniture’s need a deep clean before the summer season as well. Whether the furniture have been left outside during winter or stored away, it is a good idea to give them a thorough wash with Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes. Wooden furniture will need a sanding and some oil as well. For this, we can recommend Sterling Teak Oil, or Sterling Oak and Pine Oil depending on the type of wood the furniture is made of. Apply the oil with a brush or cloth continuously during summer, as the weather causes the wood to dry out.

Cleaning the Barbeque

Most likely, the barbeque needs a deep clean before the barbeque season as well. For the grill grate we recommend Sterling Oven and Grill Cleaner, which is a very effective foam cleaner. Place the grill grate on a newspaper or plastic bag and spray until the grate is covered with foam. Let it sit for approx. 20 minutes and clean the grate clean with a sponge. In case of heavy coating, repeat the process.

The outside of the barbeque will need a cleaning as well, since it most likely has been standing outside during winter.

If the barbeque is made of stainless steel, Sterling Shiny Steel is the product to use. Spray directly on the surface and use a dry cloth to distribute it.

Some barbeques are black and to clean this and make it shiny, Sterling Lacquer Polish is perfect. The lacquer polish must be applied with a clean dry cloth and distributed on the area.

And lastly, enjoy your clean furniture’s, barbeque and terrace all throughout summer.