Sneakers care

On this page, we have gathered our selection of sneaker care products. Our products clean and care for sneakers to make them look nicer and last better.
Rain, mud and snow equals dirty (white) sneakers, however, we have a product that is made especially for white sneakers. It contains a high level of white pigments that colors the white shoes to make them look as new. Before using our Shoe Whitener, however, it is important that the shoes are clean. For that, we recommend either our Cleaning Foam from Silver or Silver Gel Cleaner. They both clean and protects sneakers.

Silver Cleaning foam is a sneakers cleaning kit that deep cleanses sneakers, shoes and accessories and keeps leather soft and supple.
Silver Gel Cleaner also cleans and softens sneakers of different materials. All you have to do is to turn the wheel in the bottom of the bottle and apply the gel on the sneakers.

In addition, sneakers and other shoes easily begins to smell when being used. Therefore, we recommend using Silver Shoe Deodorizer, a deodorant for shoes. A single spray ensures freshness in the shoes throughout the day. Read more about our sneaker products under each product or contact us for more information on sneaker care.