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SIlver sneaker deodorizer fra Sterling Polish
SIlver sneaker deodorizer fra Sterling Polish

Silver Specialist Sneaker Deodorizer, 100 ml

Sneaker Deodorizer from Silver is a great shoe deodorant for sneakers, sports shoes and all other kinds of shoes. The shoe deodorant effectively eliminates odors by simply eating the bacteria that causes them. The Sneaker Deodorizer acts as an antibacterial agent with high absorbency and ensures freshness in the shoes throughout the day.

Removes odor for up to 48 hours.
Dermatologically tested.




1. Switch the the bottom to “on”.

2. Insert the shoe deodorant in the shoe, and spray a few times by pressing the deo down.

3. Turn the bottom back to “off” and let the shoes dry overnight.