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Silver specialist shoe whitener hos Sterling Polish
Silver specialist shoe whitener hos Sterling Polish

Silver Specialist Shoe Whitener, 75 g

Silver Shoe Whitener for white sneakers and sports shoes is a liquid shoe cream that is based on natural wax, ensures a beautiful and shiny surface. The Shoe Whitener contains a high level of white pigments that instantly makes the shoes white. The shoe polish also covers scuffs and scratches. White sneakers will look as new after using Silver Shoe Whitener.


The shoe polish also cleans, maintains and protects the shoes.


The specially designed mechanism in the bottle prevents dripping, evaporation and coagulation because of nanotechnology.





1. Make sure the shoes are dry and clean (For that we recommend using Silvers Universal Cleaning Foam).

2. Shake the bottle.

3. Briefly press the sponge against the shoe and distribute the cream on the shoe.

Note: Make sure the cap is closed properly to prevent the sponge head from drying.