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Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes, 50 PCS


Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes are disposable wet wipes that cleans the glass – easy and quick. The wipes should only be used for glasses with tempered glass.

The wipes can be used on tablets, smartphones, PC and TV screens made of glass, mirrors, the inside of car windows, camera lenses, helmet visors made of glass, plastic, etc.

The cleaning wipes are wrapped separately, making them easy to take on the go and can be discarded after use.

Please note: Do not use Sterling Eyeglass Cleaner for contact lenses!

Our spectacle cleaner wipes are now made in a smaller box, to save cardboard. In addition, they contain 25% less plastic and 99% less aluminum than our previous cleaning wipes.

The wipes are also made of cellulose, which is a natural material.

With our new eyeglass wipes, we show how you can make environmentally friendly choices without compromising the quality. Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes are at least as effective as the previous ones.




Clean the spectacle lenses quick and easy on both sides of the glasses with the moist cleaning wipe. The lenses are now clean, shiny and antistatic. Should only be used for glasses with tempered glass.