Limescale Removal

On this page we have gathered our range of products for limescale removal. In countries with hard water, limescale appears in all household products that uses water like coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, faucets, etc., and must be descaled from time to time. Limescale will eventually ruin the machine, if it is not removed from time to time.
Soda reduces the presence of limescale in the water. This means, for instance, that the amount of detergent can be reduced in the washing machine. It also improves the efficiency of the washing machine and reduces the risk of damage to the machine and expensive repair bills because. When descaling shower heads, fixtures, stainless steel etc. we can highly recommend Sterling Limescale Remover Spray, which is an effective product for limescale.
Another effective product when it comes to removal of limescale is Sterling Citric Acid, which is particularly suitable for descaling coffee machines, kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. Citric acid can also be used for descaling filters on shower heads and filters.
When it has to be easy and fast, we recommend Sterling Descaler Tabs for coffee machines and kettles.
With our products, it is easy and quick to remove limescale in the home.