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Sterling Teak Oil, 250 ml
Sterling Teak Oil, 250 ml

Sterling Teak Oil, 250 ml


Sterling Teak Oil cleans the surface, highlights the veins of the wood and gives teak wood new life. Sterling Teak Oil is used for untreated and previously oiled indoor teak furniture. Teak must be regularly oiled to prevent it from drying out and getting a dull look. Sterling Teak Oil cleans the wood at the same time as it nourishes it and highlights the veins in the wood.





1. Apply the oil in a thin layer with a clean, lint-free cloth.

2. When the oil has penetrated into the wood after about 15-20 minutes, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

3.  If necessary, the treatment can be repeated the next day.

Stains, edges and similar damage are removed by soaking a No. 000 steel wool in oil and sanding thorough along the length of the wood. Excess oil is wiped off and the next day treated with a thin layer of oil like the instructions above.

Cleaning the teak oil: When the teak furniture needs to be cleaned in depth after regular oil application, clean the wood with mineral turpentine and vinegar (make a mixture of approx. 300 ml of turpentine and 1 tablespoon of vinegar). Ensure good ventilation. Allow to dry, then reapply the teak oil.

Note: Always test the product in an non-noticeable place before polishing the entire piece of furniture to test the result. The cloth should be discarded after use.