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Sterling Raw Linseed Oil, 250 ml
Sterling Raw Linseed Oil, 250 ml

Sterling Raw Linseed Oil, 250 ml


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Furniture: Raw linseed oil can be used on teak and other types of furniture made of hardwork as well as slate. Raw linseed oil is particularly suitable for kitchen tables made of oiled or untreated wood.

Floors: Use raw linseed oil on tiles, stone, marble, granite, terrazzo, linoleum and the like. Sterling Raw linseed oil is great for untreated and previously treated floors as well. If the floor is lacquered, sand it thoroughly before oil treatment.

Outdoor woodwork: The wood must be thoroughly cleaned with a deep clean product to make sure that algae etc. is removed. It is very important that the surfaces are completely free of algae and fungal before treatment. 

Note: If desired, Sterling Raw Linseed Oil can be diluted with turpentine in the ratio of 3 parts raw linseed oil to 1 part turpentine.

Keep out of reach of children.

Cloths with linseed oil are flammable and must either be burned or stored in a tin can with a lid.