Even though we do not want to spent many hours cleaning the bathroom, we still wish to have a clean and fragrant bathroom. Especially the scent of “clean” should always be in the room, so it smells like we just cleaned it. Therefore, we have gathered our selection of products that can contribute to a clean and fragrant bathroom and toilet.
Cleaning the bathroom is very much about removing limestone. Hard water equals limestone and Sterling Limescale Remover Spray is the product for limestone removal. Use it to remove limescale on tiles, on and around fixtures, in the shower and sink for a shiny and clean result.
For the bathroom and toilet, we recommend our air fresheners from Brait, which neutralize unpleasant odors, while refreshing and moisturizing the air. The air fresheners are available in scents of citrus, flowers and lavender.
For the toilet, we have a selection of toilet blocks that neutralize odors, prevent limescale and give a fresh scent with every flush. The concentrated content of the WC block ensures a long-lasting fresh and pleasant scent of either flowers, citrus or ocean.