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Brait Reed Diffuser Crystal Air, 40 ml


Reed Diffuser Crystal Air from Brait is a spring breeze of freshness and crystal clear air within reach. The subtle notes of the Brait Crystal Air freshener will fill the home with a pleasant ozone fragrance that will fill the home with purity and a natural refreshment.

This line of air fresheners is a fashionable form of scented sticks. Made of bamboo wood, the scents are carefully selected fragrances and creates a coherent line of air fresheners that will subtly emphasize a mood in the home. The formula enriched with essential oils guarantees high quality performance of the fragrance.





1. Remove the product from the packaging and unscrew the lid on the bottle.

2. Place the bamboo sticks in the bottle.

3. Make sure the sticks are fully dipped in the liquid.

4. When the sticks are covered, the scent is released in the room. Set aside in a safe place.

The air freshener can be adjusted in intensity depending on how many sticks you use.