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duftpinde fra Sterling Polish
duftpinde fra Sterling Polish

Brait Premium Sticks Golden Lake, 100 ml


Brait Premium Sticks are a series of exclusive fragrance sticks. Brait Premium Sticks Golden Lake is a gold edition with gold details and a delicious dark blue bottle that, together with black scented sticks, creates a more luxurious look.

The scent has a heart of discreet floral scents of rose and jasmine. The base of the scent consists of a delicate and heavier musk, which together with the floral scent creates a completely unique composition that makes Golden Lake an air freshener that is well suited for any room in the home.





1. Remove the product from the packaging and unscrew the lid on the bottle.

2. Place the sticks in the bottle.

3. Make sure the sticks are fully dipped in the liquid.

4. When the sticks are covered, the scent is released in the room. Set aside in a safe place.

The air freshener can be adjusted in intensity depending on how many sticks you use.