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Brait Moon Garden Dispenser, 250 ml

The Brait Moon Garden Dispenser air freshener provides an automatic burst from the minimalist black dispenser every 9/18/36 minutes for approximately 60 days. The fragrance will fill the room with bergamot, lemon, and mandarin, blended with freesia and orange blossoms. The dispenser complements any home decor style beautifully.

Package includes: Air freshener with Brait dispenser unit. The set contains a 250ml spray air freshener (Moon Garden) and a universal automatic dispenser diffuser (batteries included).

The smart 3in1 air freshener ensures:

Effective neutralization of unpleasant odors.

Refreshing air in the room.

Air humidification and a long-lasting, fresh scent.


1. Make sure the dispenser is turned off and open it by pressing the button on top.

2. Take out the batteries and remove them from the foil. Insert them into the dispenser, making sure they are placed correctly.

3. Insert the refill, ensuring that the nozzle is facing the front, and close the dispenser.

4. Turn the front away from your face while setting the spray interval on the side.

5. Place the dispenser in the room and enjoy the fresh fragrance.