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Luftfrisker fra Sterling Polish
Luftfrisker fra Sterling Polish

Brait Air Freshener Tropical Essence Refill, 250 ml


Enter the exotic world of tropical aromas with Brait Air Freshener Tropical Essence Refill. Thanks to the Brait Tropical Essence air freshener you will enjoy fragrances from the farthest corners of the world. Feel like in a tropical jungle and experience an unusual refreshment.

The modern 3in1 Air Care formula provides:
– Effective neutralization of unpleasant odors.
– Refreshing the air in the room.
– Air humidification and a long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness.





1. Turn off the dispenser and install a can inside.

2. Keep away from the face. Set timer.

3. Turn on the dispenser. It will work automatically.

Please notice that this is a refill for Brait Air Freshener Relaxing Moments Dispenser and can not be used alone.