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Pleasant scents for the home that is designed to freshen and moisturize the air.

Our air freshener products from Brait ensure a long-lasting and pleasant scent in the home. We offer many different air fresheners – some more suitable for the bathroom, others for the teen room, living room or other places around the house.

The large selection consist of e.g. air freshener sprays, which are great for the bathroom. And a fresh selection of toilet rim blocks in a variety of lovely scents that fills the room with each rinse.

In the more cosy and aromatic end, we offer scented sticks, diffusers and flowers. Among our selection of scented sticks, we offer a line of premium diffusers designed in a beautiful minimalist design.

For the slightly younger target group, we offer a line of reed diffusers with fresh and aromatic scents like oriental flowers and linen.

The diffusers shaped like flower heads look and smell great in any room in the home.